Diversity business team concluding contract with handshake in frSIMG, where you own and control your own business.

Agents, take a look around our web site and learn how you can earn direct appointments with our carriers, enjoy generous commissions and bonuses, and service your client customers in the manner in which you would likewise want to be served.

We are not a Managing General Agency. We are an aggregation of qualified professional agents accessing highly desirable main-stream carriers, with whom company appointments are impossible due to agency size.

Retro Golden Pocket Watch On Hundred DollarsCommissions range from 70% to 95% of ordinary carrier street commissions.  In addition, bonuses paid by carriers are also shared with our Producers.  Please see our Producer Agreement for all related details.

simg insurance bonusesWe share all carrier bonuses based upon your agency’s premium volume contribution as a percentage of premium from all qualified member agents. For Example, if your production represents 10% of our volume with a carrier who pays a bonus, you will receive 10% of the total bonus pay-out to our members.

Carriers oftentimes have production bonuses for new agents, and other exciting incentives throughout the year heralding new product or related features.